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Tele-Maintenance Project


people in a somali villageBased on a WHO assessment, in the Developing Countries (DC), between 50 and 80% of medical equipment is no longer used or disposed. This results mainly from lack of training for users and technicians, as well as unavailability of spare parts/consumables, user and service manuals, which are all required to guarantee a proper functioning of medical equipment.

In this view Biom.A.I.D. Onlus has identified an opportunity to overcome the above-mentioned challenges for the DC: the remote technical assistance (Tele-Maintenance).

The Tele-Maintenance Project focuses on providing a tangible support in managing bio-medical technologies of the health facilities in the Developing Countries. In particular, the assistance aims at optimising the reliability, safety and sustainability of the equipment.

The project team is composed of experts who provide remote assistance to the health facilities to solve the malfunctioning of the equipment, improve their usage (efficiency) and preservation status. Thanks to a collaboration with Global Health Telemedicine Onlus, some health facilities of various Sub-Saharian African Countries can already have access to the Tele-Maintenance services.


How it works

tele-maintenance request formRequests for support can be submitted through the restricted area of the Biom.A.I.D. Onlus web site.

By compiling a form, the request will be e-submitted to Biom.A.I.D. Onlus experts who will remotely provide assistance to identify the malfunction and provide the most appropriate solutions to optimise the management and usage of the equipment (e.g. preparation of specific preventive maintenance protocols, remote training for technicians and users,…).

For more detailed information about the project or to request tele-maintenance, contact us through the contacts form.


Future Developments

Some of the future developments of the Tele-Maintenance project that Biom.A.I.D. Onlus envisages are: the creation of a database of the most common malfunctions of the different types of equipment, the preparation of a list of possible vendors for the supply of spare parts and consumables, the creation of remote training modules, etc.