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The specific objectives of Biom.A.I.D. Onlus are based on the general approach defined for the first time by the World Health Organization in 1977 and summarized by the phrase "Health for Everyone".

Even though we are aware that an acceptable level of "health for everyone" cannot be achieved only by focusing on the health determinant " better and more accessible health services", the following primary targets of Biom.A.I.D. Onlus are centered on the afore-mentioned essential determinant:


  • To facilitate the creation of reliable and competent partnerships through a network of different stakeholders from the world of International Cooperation, in particular in the health sector.


  • To promote opportunities for a professional exchange, transfer of "know-how" and dissemination of "best practices" among operators of developing countries and healthcare institutions both at Italian and European level.


  • To promote the overall sustainability of projects, with a particular focus on the use of appropriate and context-specific biomedical technologies.